About the Secret Show...

The Secret Show is a night of guffaws in a speakeasy bar behind an old-timey barbershop.

Exclusive standup comedy at The Blind Barber in Culver City and Highland Park featuring the best touring and Los Angeles-based comedians. Past performers include Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Maria Bamford, Kyle Kinane and more...


Attendance is by invitation only, so get on the lists here: Culver City and Highland Park.

The Hosts...

The Secret Show was created in 2013 by Andy Peters, Dave Waite, Grant Lyon, and Nick Anthony at the Culver City Blind Barber.

They expanded to Highland Park in 2019 with the addition of Jono Zalay and Logan Guntzelman.




Grant Lyon, Andy Peters, Nick Anthony & Dave Waite

Jono Zalay & Logan Guntzelman

Bloody Mary Cocktail



Fancy grilled cheese & cocktails